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MalekTips Computer Tips and Software Links

Learn how to save time using your computer. Enjoy some great software. Get educated with our tips and industry news. Chat with others in our tech forums. And much, much more! Subject include Windows, digital photography, Microsoft Office, web browsers, and removing spyware / adware.
Tips For Word Processing

Information on a myriad of word processing topics including formatting text, password protecting documents, using keyboard shortcuts, adjusting settings, and much, much more. Focusing on older versions of Microsoft Word.
Tips For Spreadsheets

Information on creating, editing, and using spreadsheets, and customizing spreadsheet software. Whether you need help on cell formatting, financial formulas, or creating printouts, we've got your spreadsheet tips here. Focusing on older versions of Microsoft Excel.
Screensavers and More!

Check out our pre-made screensavers including Chicago and Daytona Beach. Plus, learn about how custom screensavers can help your business.

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